We need fresh thinking on how to respond to the changing needs of all generations. We are particularly investigating some of the areas where the interests of the young and the old align—public transportation, housing, civic engagement, and employment.  How can we change our infrastructure to meet the transportation needs of people who don’t drive cars?  Can multigenerational housing models satisfy young people’s need for affordable housing and older people’s need for assistance?  How can we adjust our labor practices to improve both entering and exiting the workforce?

Our Work: In December 2013, we released a policy paper in collaboration with Generations United called Out of Many, One: Uniting the Changing Faces of America.  The report challenges traditional approaches to changing demographics and elevates intergenerational solutions that strengthen our families and communities. It includes the results of a new public opinion survey on how Americans of all ages feel about the changing faces of their community and makes recommendations to capitalize on our growing demographic diversity.

In October 2013, we released a paper with the Center for Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.  Economist Anthony Carnevale looks at prospects for young people joining the workforce in Failure to Launch, and debunks the myth that older workers’ extended careers are cannibalizing jobs needed by younger generations.

We continue to seek and collect innovative intergenerational policy ideas.  New policy refreshers in the works will be posted here.


Fresh, practical, positive-sum solutions are needed, and they demand lines of communication and working relationships between representatives of all generations and races.

Our Work: We are building actionable relationships between community and national leaders of organizations that have historically been siloed in the interest of a particular population. We will host a series of national convenings that build a movement towards positive action.  In 2014, our convening will focus on the results of the FrameWorks communications strategy, the PERE community report, and the Generations United policy paper.